Word of Grace

Ray E. Horton's Weblog, encouraging fellow Christians


I am a mature but young-at-heart Spirit-filled Christian living in Erie, PA, where I am extensively involved with Erie Christian Fellowship Church and oversee a prayer ministry. I am retired from positions of communications and marketing director at the chamber of commerce and as outreach coordinator for a social service agency. I do extensive writing on Christian themes on Facebook, and I plan to expand my writing to articles published elsewhere and books. I do quite a bit of freelance editing as well.

I was born near Albany, NY, son of Ray Horton, an AP editor who later moved the family to the NYC area when he was transferred to the AP general desk, and Anna Marie, who returned to nursing after the kids were raised.  After four years at a City University of New York campus, majoring in English, my first job was editor for NYC-based Chemical Marketing Reporter. I moved to Erie in 1975. I have a first family with six daughters in Wyoming, where my ex moved in 1984. They are all married and have provided 23 lovely grandchildren as of 2013.

I have a wonderful family at home:  I married my wife Joyce in 1987. She is a singer, pianist, psalmist, worship leader, who works out of the house as a bookkeeper and office manager for a home builder.  She is tender-hearted and well-loved by everyone, being sensitive to people as well as to the Holy Spirit. My son, Ray, is a 25-year-old graduate of Mercyhurst University.  He maintained a 4.0 gpa throughout high school and college. He graduated with his Master of Arts in English from Case Western Reserve University and is now working on his PhD there.  He is a great writer and a born drummer. Ray married Erin in July, 2012.  My daughter, Gloria, 22, is a 2013 graduate of Slippery Rock University, where earned a B.S., majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Communications. She is an very good writer, very creative and imaginative. She is also a good singer.  Her creativity also comes out in the cooking of excellent meals.


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